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Bridge Baron 25 (Windows Only DOWNLOAD)

New Bridge Baron 25 card layout       **New layout, bigger cards, easy to read and easy to access.**

New Bridge Baron 25 Settings       **Our new simple quick access menu provides easy and quick changes to your Bridge Baron 25.**

Major changes to our new settings feature include:

New Bridge Baron 25 bidding window       **Bigger (and resizable) floating bidding window for easy access and better viewing of you and your partners bidding session.**

New Bridge Baron 25 info tab  **The Info tabs located on the right, replaces most of the actions from Main Menu -> Actions in BB23.**


All New Bridge Baron 25 for Windows  

Bridge Baron 25 for Windows was completely redesigned to offer an improved playing experience. Please scroll the page down for details on all new features. 

Buying options for Bridge Baron 25

New Bridge Baron 25 previous trick view       **Now you can view your previous Trick by simply placing your mouse on the lower right corner of the table.**

New Bridge Baron 25 review feature       **Review screen on the right will allow you to quickly view all previous tricks played, including the bidding session for that hand.**

New Bridge Baron 25 Auction interpretation       **Auction Interpretation will give you the tools you need to make the right bidding decisions.**

New Bridge Baron 25 par contract view       

Buying options for Bridge Baron 25